Airbus / Altran Xype

April 2011 to December 2012

Contract Licencing Support Analyst

Altran Xype and Airbus was one of the most technically challenging and rewarding periods of my career. Their CAD, CAM, DMU and PLM estate was vast, both in it’s diversity of software, and it’s size of userbase. The sheer scale of the estate demanded a radical approach to licence management. Essentially, all the licence servers dispensing software licences were surveyed every 15 minutes, and the usage catalogued and translated into usable MI.

My job was to maintain the in house software created to perform the task, and perform the final translation of the data into a form ready for presentation to board level. Much of this task was undertaken in HP-UX Unix, but also partially in standard MS Office suite.

Key Technologies / Skills

  • HP-UX Unix
  • SUSE Linux
  • Hiarachical Database Management & Query
  • MS Office Suite
  • MI Analysis & Presentation
  • FlexLM & LUM Managment


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